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Iron Guides Buyers Guide For Tractors

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The IronGuides ® Buyers Guide for Tractors, published annually, provides up-to- date values for original factory price and reported sold values in the US and Canada for High, Average and Low for many makes and models of tractors going back to 1917, where data is available. It contains: 
  • 3,998 Models
  • 52 Makes
  • 1917-2017 model years
  • Options = 2 per machine
Included with the book purchase is a promo code good for two free appraisals redeemable on IronAppraiser.com. IronAppraiser.com is the only web-based digital tool for ag equipment owners that uses equipment dealer sold records, as well as auction transactions, to estimate the value of a machine. Because many machines have valuable options that set them apart from similar models, IronAppraiser.com allows the owner to input details on all options and hours of use to produce a more accurate valuation. The two free IronAppraiser.com reports are a $39.90 value, adding even more value to the rich information in the Buyers Guide for Tractors itself. Your promotion codes for IronAppraiser.com will be emailed to you upon purchase of the book.

The Buyers Guide for Tractors also includes information on machine specifications, such as Horsepower, Engine, Make, Fuel type, Cylinders, Transmission, Tires, Hydraulics, and other data. The IronGudes ® Tractor Book is published by Iron Solutions, Inc. We have been providing valuations of used equipment and equipment market intelligence to the agricultural industry for over 80 years. Our values are based on Sold Reports submitted to us by dealers from across the United States and Canada. We are recognized as the most comprehensive source available for agricultural equipment data. Our customers include dealers, farmers, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers and government agencies.

A handy resource in the office, truck, shop or on the farm the Iron Guides Serial Number Handbook is valuable reference for:
  • Farmers
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit Unions/Banks/Finance companies
  • Dealers
  • Auction companies
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