IronGuides Serial Number Handbook - 2024 1st Edition



Freshly Updated in March 2024

IronGuides® has a wealth of information about serial numbers and their locations on ag equipment manufactured all the way back to 1928. This serial number information is published in its own book, The IronGuides Serial Number Handbook
Why? Ag equipment manufacturers’ serial numbers follow no standard numbering process to identify year manufactured. Farmers and Ag Equipment dealers need a "goto" resource for serial number data on: 
Mower Conditioners
Skid Loaders
and other miscellaneous types 
The IronGuides Serial Number Handbook provides easy & convenient look-up of serial number listings and locations revealing where to find serial numbers on equipment. It identifies equipment model year by serial number for:
  • 1928-2023 model years
  • 4,886 models
  • 57 manufacturers
  • 13 types of equipment
  • 28,120 serial numbers
  • 90+ year span
A handy resource in the office, truck, shop or on the farm, the IronGuides Serial Number Handbook is valuable reference for:
  • Farmers
  • Service Technicians
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit Unions/Banks/Finance companies
  • Dealers
  • Auction companies
How to use the book
The serial number listing in the book is sorted by:
  1. Type of Machine
  2. Manufacturer 2-5 letter Code
    (makes that have been consolidated or merged will generally use the current manufacturer's code in order to ensure the flow of years made)
  3. Manufacturer Name
    (this will generally be the name of the manufacturer at the time of production rather than any successor company)
  4. Model Number
    (variations of models may have a footnote)

We have included all model years and beginning serial numbers made available to us at press time. The serial number lists show the number for the first piece of equipment built for each model year or the pattern for that particular model year. NOTE:  Serial numbers may not necessarily be the first numbers displayed on the serial number plate but will be the ending number sequence. 

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